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Educational Achievement Gap                   

Overcrowding, aging schools and not enough new school buildings are but one aspect with our community's challenges with Fulton Schools. These issues are factors impacting the bottom line of what school is really all about - learning, getting decent grades and performing well enough on standardized tests to achieve college admission and earn scholarships to pay for college.

For some it may be easy to celebrate how well Fulton Schools as a whole performed in testing compared to other school systems. It might sound narrow minded, but the pertinent question to South Fulton residents is how are the children in South Fulton Schools performing. 

Hopefully you have heard that there is a serious educational gap that exists between North and South Fulton School student performance on standardized tests. Hopefully you recognize this is significant for you too when students that fall off the educational wagon, loiter during the day and burglarize homes whether the resident has children at home or not. 

Clearly eighth grade is rather late in the game to make significant midcourse corrections and unfortunately the CRCT is a reasonable predictor of how many middle school students will perform on the College Board Tests. Listed below is the reality of this disparity accumulated from the Georgia Department of Education by the AJC *, sorted and reformatted by SCA.  

The list of Fulton County students that are semifinalists in the 2007 52nd annual National Merit Scholarship Program was announced.  Sixty of the students are from North Fulton Schools - there aren't any semifinalists from South Fulton County Schools.

It is time for comprehensive out of the box thinking to bring South Fulton student test scores up.  Our children should be able to achieve academic success in our own neighborhoods without riding busses three hours a day to attend schools in North Fulton. One size does not fit all and as subject matter experts is it time for a plan from Fulton Schools Administration to address South Fulton  issues.

2006 Fulton Schools CRCT 8th Grade Scorecard 

Reading - ALL South Fulton Middle Schools at the 8th Grade level scored below the countywide average

Math - ALL South Fulton Middle Schools at the 8th Grade level scored below the countywide average

Science - ALL South Fulton Middle Schools at the 8th Grade level scored below the countywide average

Social Studies -ALL but one SF Middle School at the 8th Grade level scored below the countywide average

Language Arts - ALL but one SF Middle School at the 8th Grade level scored below the countywide average

Of the bottom eight MS in Science all were from South Fulton except the North Fulton Alternative School

8th Grade School Rankings by % Failing by Area

Math Reading Science Language Arts Social Studies



Subject School % Failed
Math Northwestern Middle 1.8% N
Math River Trail Middle 2.5% N
Math Autrey Mill Middle 3.3% N
Math Webb Bridge Middle 4.3% N
Math Taylor Road Middle 6.3% N
Math Crabapple Middle 8.4% N
Math Hopewell Middle 9.0% N
Math Fulton Science Academy 11.8% N
Math Haynes Bridge Middle 12.1% N
Math Elkins Pointe Middle 14.6% N
Math System-Wide Avg. 17.0% SW
Math Holcomb Bridge Middle 19.1% N
Math Woodland Middle 24.6% S
Math Paul D. West Middle 26.6% S
Math Bear Creek Middle 28.1% S
Math Sandtown Middle 28.5% S
Math Sandy Springs Middle 29.2% N
Math Ridgeview Middle 29.5% N
Math Camp Creek Middle 31.0% S
Math McNair Middle 40.0% S
Math Independence Alternative 72.7% N
Math South Fulton Crossroads/2nd Chance Programs 77.1% S




Subject School % Failed
Reading River Trail Middle 0.4% N
Reading Autrey Mill Middle 0.5% N
Reading Northwestern Middle 0.8% N
Reading Taylor Road Middle 1.8% N
Reading Webb Bridge Middle 1.9% N
Reading Crabapple Middle 2.8% N
Reading Haynes Bridge Middle 3.4% N
Reading Fulton Science Academy 4.7% N
Reading Hopewell Middle 4.7% N
Reading Elkins Pointe Middle 5.1% N
Reading System-Wide Avg. 6.6% SW
Reading Holcomb Bridge Middle 8.3% N
Reading Sandtown Middle 8.5% S
Reading Woodland Middle 9.6% S
Reading Bear Creek Middle 11.5% S
Reading Sandy Springs Middle 11.6% N
Reading Camp Creek Middle 12.1% S
Reading Paul D. West Middle 13.1% S
Reading McNair Middle 13.3% S
Reading Ridgeview Middle 14.1% N
Reading South Fulton Crossroads/2nd Chance Programs 47.2% S
Reading Independence Alternative 57.1% N




Subject School % Failed
Science River Trail Middle 3.8% N
Science Webb Bridge Middle 6.0% N
Science Northwestern Middle 7.8% N
Science Autrey Mill Middle 8.5% N
Science Crabapple Middle 10.7% N
Science Taylor Road Middle 11.6% N
Science Fulton Science Academy 11.9% N
Science Haynes Bridge Middle 12.2% N
Science Hopewell Middle 13.8% N
Science Elkins Pointe Middle 15.2% N
Science Holcomb Bridge Middle 17.9% N
Science  System-Wide Avg. 20.4% SW
Science Ridgeview Middle 26.7% N
Science Sandy Springs Middle 27.3% N
Science Woodland Middle 28.5% S
Science Sandtown Middle 30.1% S
Science Bear Creek Middle 33.9% S
Science McNair Middle 37.3% S
Science Camp Creek Middle 41.1% S
Science Paul D. West Middle 44.2% S
Science Independence Alternative 80.0% N
Science South Fulton Crossroads/2nd Chance Programs 80.6% S



Language Arts

Subject School % Failed
Language Arts River Trail Middle 1.9% N
Language Arts Webb Bridge Middle 3.1% N
Language Arts Northwestern Middle 3.4% N
Language Arts Autrey Mill Middle 3.6% N
Language Arts Taylor Road Middle 3.6% N
Language Arts Crabapple Middle 3.8% N
Language Arts Fulton Science Academy 4.7% N
Language Arts Hopewell Middle 6.7% N
Language Arts Woodland Middle 7.8% S
Language Arts Haynes Bridge Middle 8.4% N
Language Arts  System-Wide Avg. 9.4% SW
Language Arts Elkins Pointe Middle 10.4% N
Language Arts Sandtown Middle 10.9% S
Language Arts Holcomb Bridge Middle 12.7% N
Language Arts Bear Creek Middle 13.6% S
Language Arts Camp Creek Middle 14.7% S
Language Arts Paul D. West Middle 15.5% S
Language Arts McNair Middle 16.5% S
Language Arts Sandy Springs Middle 19.7% N
Language Arts Ridgeview Middle 22.9% N
Language Arts South Fulton Crossroads/2nd Chance Programs 45.2% S
Language Arts Independence Alternative 64.3% N




Social Studies

Subject School % Failed
Social Studies River Trail Middle 1.9% N
Social Studies Northwestern Middle 2.6% N
Social Studies Webb Bridge Middle 2.7% N
Social Studies Autrey Mill Middle 3.4% N
Social Studies Crabapple Middle 3.5% N
Social Studies Fulton Science Academy 3.6% N
Social Studies Taylor Road Middle 4.6% N
Social Studies Haynes Bridge Middle 6.1% N
Social Studies Elkins Pointe Middle 6.2% N
Social Studies Hopewell Middle 7.1% N
Social Studies Woodland Middle 7.9% S
Social Studies Holcomb Bridge Middle 8.0% N
Social Studies

System-Wide Avg.

8.4% SW
Social Studies Sandtown Middle 8.9% S
Social Studies Sandy Springs Middle 14.1% N
Social Studies Paul D. West Middle 14.7% S
Social Studies Bear Creek Middle 15.9% S
Social Studies Ridgeview Middle 16.3% N
Social Studies McNair Middle 16.9% S
Social Studies Camp Creek Middle 17.1% S
Social Studies South Fulton Crossroads/2nd Chance Programs 44.8% S



 * Source: Analysis of Georgia Department of Education data by AJC Database Editor David A. Milliron