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The Sandtown Community Association previously known as the Sandtown Homeowners Association is a registered over 20-year old community advocacy organization. We are a voluntary community based group that addresses issues regarding zonings, residential/commercial development, land use and education. Our ability to focus on these concerns is tied to the active participation of the membership, area homeowners associations and residents of Sandtown.  This is a solicitation for you to join us as an individual member or homeowners association. Volunteer Interest Form

The nature of our work involves meetings with developers, county officials, the Fulton County Board of Commissioners, the Fulton County School Board, elected representatives, representatives from service organizations and other civic and community leaders. Many of these meetings take place either during the work day or after work hours.  The cost for our organization to conduct business is supported by the membership dues and individual donations.

In order to minimize the impact of a particular issue on the organization’s continued effectiveness, we ask that those members of the community who seek our assistance to either join as individuals or have the subdivision join.  Individual memberships cost $25 includes voting privileges and are good for one year.  Family memberships (2 family members) with voting privileges for two are $40. Subdivision membership is $50 and allows three members to join and represent that community for one year.  We believe any issue should be spearheaded by the local people (subdivision or residents on that street) and the association acts to support the effort by providing guidance and insight for strategy.

We welcome you to attend our monthly meetings the first Thursday of the month and encourage you to get involved and ask a neighbor too.  It is up to us as residents of this community to work and safeguard our families, homes and quality of life.

Membership in the Sandtown Association shall be afforded to the following:

Persons residing within Sandtown Community, who are 18 years of age. Associate membership may be afforded to non-residents who have a sincere interest in the Association, or to those who own real property in Sandtown but are not residents of Sandtown. Honorary membership may be afforded such other persons as may be deemed deserving by the Association. The Executive Board must recommend acceptance or rejection by a majority vote.

Membership shall terminate upon a member's notice of resignation to the Secretary or upon any change in residence or ownership which makes a member ineligible for membership, non payment of dues by your anniversary date, or failure to pay assessments within 30 days of assessment.

Please bring your completed application and membership fee to the monthly Sandtown Team Meeting or mail it to Sandtown Community Association PO Box 311307, Atlanta, GA 31131-1307  Please be sure your email address is legible so that we can add you to the Members Only Email Distribution list.

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