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The Sandtown Foundation Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt community foundation founded in December 2004.  This organization awards grants from funds solicited from various donors and held in an endowment for educational programs in the Sandtown Community.  These grants help launch a new project, program or initiative and provide funding for specific and/or recurring programs.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Sandtown Foundation is to award grants that will have significant impact on improving and excelling educational achievement in the Sandtown, Fulton County Georgia area.  This will be accomplished through a grant-making program that is diverse, flexible, creative, and responsive to our community needs.

To accomplish this we will:

  • Set strategic priorities in response to community needs and opportunities

  • Focus on community issues

  • Research and evaluate programs, and when appropriate, advocate on behalf of those programs

  • Interact with grant applicants and the community to develop and strengthen relationships for collaboration and support

  • Coordinate efforts with donors

  • Seek out new and innovative ideas

  • Provide funding to strengthen the community and fulfill the foundation's mission.


The Foundation serves residents of the Sandtown, Fulton County, Georgia area. The purpose of the Foundation includes three initiatives to improve the quality of education in the local schools domiciled in the Sandtown, Fulton County Georgia area.

  • Bridging Differences - designed to recognize and promote the value of inclusiveness and to develop an awareness of the increasing diversity in our area and world.

  • Building Community through the Arts -  designed to support the role of the arts in the schools and its connection to high academic achievement.

  • Youth Development, designed to promote civic engagement, leadership and philanthropy.

The Foundation will offer a broad based competitive grant program that is responsive to the needs of the community and its citizens. The types of grants are:

  • Seed Grants – Funds to launch a new project

  • Project Grants – Funds for specific initiatives and specific objectives and a predetermined cost.

  • Building Grants – Funds to strengthen the organization so that it may fulfill its mission.

  • Capital Grants – Funding for equipment, repairs and renovation with predetermine cost.

The Foundation will be involved with programs projects which inspire, that are creative, and demonstrate innovative and practical approaches to solving the obstacles faced by children needing academic improvement.


  • Writing/essay contest

  • Science fairs

  • Tutoring programs

  • Reading contest

  • Alternative learning through workshops and classroom sessions

  • Math competition

  • Arts and crafts

  • Dance and art shows

  • Musical, cultural and community celebrations

  • Teacher and parental training

  • Test preparation

  • Field trips

  • Awarding academic scholarships and book awards

  • Public speaking/debate competitions

  • Support of volunteer clubs/student government and community outreach

Scholarship Programs

Foundation Scholarships- The purpose of the Scholarship Program is to support students in the community and the South Fulton area enrolled in an institution of higher learning (four year college/university). Scholarships will be awarded in the amount of $500 - $2000.

Restricted Scholarships – This scholarship is based on the donor. For example, someone may want to give a scholarship based on the field of study.  This scholarship may exceed our maximum amount of $2000.

A scholarship committee will have the responsibility of selections candidates, fundraising and telemarketing to raise funds based on criteria set by the Board of Directors of the Foundation.  This committee will consist of community leaders, donors and other experts who support the mission of the foundation. The committee has the responsibility to contact local high schools, post flyers in community libraries, place and announcement to local newspapers and to local churches to ensure notification of possible candidates.  Each student’s scholarship will be for one year of support with renewable options.

Selection Process:  Student must be a high school graduate with a 3.0 or better average. They must maintain a 3.0 or better in college in order to renew the scholarship. Students must have an acceptance to an institution of higher learning and enroll within the next 90 days or students can be currently enrolled in an institution.  Proof of enrollment is required before any money is awarded.  All checks are mailed directly to the school with instructions to apply the money directly to their tuition or books. An essay will be required in order to narrow the selection process.  The essay topic will vary each year.  Recipients of any scholarship must provide to the scholarship committee a grade transcript once they have completed the academic year.  Once received, the committee may renew the scholarship for a second year if all requirements are met.

Relatives of donors, the committee and the Board are not eligible.

Grants and donations will be made to area schools and clubs that exist in the community schools.  The purpose of the foundations is to achieve donations to schools and their internal organizations which must comply with exempt requirements associated with 501(c) (3).  Current client schools are:

Westlake High School, 2370 Union Road, SW, Atlanta, GA  30331, (404)346-6400

Sandtown Middle School, 5400 Campbellton Road, SW, Atlanta, GA  30331, (404)346-6500

A. Phillip Randolph Elementary School, 5320 Campbellton Road, SW, Atlanta, GA  30331 (404) 346-6520

Stonewall Tell Elementary School, 3310 Stonewall Tell, College Park, GA  30349 (404) 770-306-5500

Sandtown Foundation Brochure

Sandtown Foundation, Inc. P. O. Box 43484 Atlanta, GA 30336



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