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Who Are We?    Where are We?

The Sandtown Community is one of the oldest communities in Fulton County Georgia and is located within 15 minutes of downtown Atlanta and Hartsfield Airport . It is a quiet, predominately residential community sharing historical ties with the Creek Indians.

Sandtown Overlay District Map (CoSF)

Sandtown Overlay Description (CoSF)

Now is an exciting time for Sandtown as it is experiencing leaps of growth. Along with this growth comes a redefinition and new vision, which incorporate the fundamentals of "Smart Growth":

  • Walkable/Livable neighborhoods
  • Festival Areas
  • A Village Center
  • New Streetscapes
  • Residential Options

 Blueprint Sandtown    

Campbellton Road Widening  


The purpose of Sandtown Community Association is to enhance and provide a safe, ecologically sound, aesthetically beautiful community.  To that end, the Sandtown Homeowners’ Association commits to:

  • Engage in efforts aimed at developing a sense of community identity and participation.

  • Support efforts aimed at beautifying and maintaining common areas, green spaces and the environmental integrity of the community.

  • Monitor the traffic implications, safety and streetscaping for major traffic corridors of our community (Campbellton Road and Camp Creek Parkway.)

  • Improve the amenities and address members’ concerns (street repair, schools, fire and police protection.)

  • Maintain coalitions and communications with neighboring and internal community associations.

  • Influence zoning through the development of overlays, land use development plans and to monitor any zoning changes which would be incompatible with existing community zoning.

  • Retain and recruit a business mix, which would preserve the community as a place to live, raise a family and work.

  • Maintain the historical boundaries and landmarks.

Sandtown Overlay District                                                                              

The Board of Commissioners of Fulton County, Georgia established the Sandtown Overlay District as part of a strategy designed for the purpose, among others, of promoting the health, safety, order, prosperity and general welfare of the citizens of Fulton County through the regulation of design, aesthetics, location, bulk, size of buildings and structures, and the density and distribution of population.

Purpose, Intent and Regulations Sandtown Overlay Map Compliance

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