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Community Planning:

  • Created the Sandtown Overlay, which sets standards for all non-single family development in the Sandtown area, such as businesses, churches, clubhouses, apartments. (1995, 2002)

  • Involved in bringing to the Sandtown Community an integrative team of national experts in the following areas: land use planning, traffic calming and civil engineering, new urbanism planning, architecture, and park planning. (1998-2002)

  • Awarded by Fulton County Economic Development $100,000.00 to complete Blueprint Sandtown, a community visioning process, designed to create a village and a land use plan for development based on smart growth principles. (2001)

  • Awarded a Livable Centers Initiative Grant for $100,000 by the Atlanta Regional Commission to plan for smart growth in the Sandtown Community and to connect the commercial nodes located in the Sandtown area. (2002)**

  • Lobbied the Fulton County Housing Authority for community participation in the planning for the Boat Rock Housing site. Fulton County Housing Authority respected those efforts and engaged in a community initiative to create “West Chase ”, a mixed income and mixed-use project to be developed by the NorSouth Corporation on the site of the former Boat Rock Housing Project. (2000-2003)

Campbellton Road and Transportation:

  • Formed with the Ben Hill Community, which borders Sandtown, the Campbellton Road Coalition, an organization created to find an alternative to the Georgia DOT widening efforts. (1997)

  • Collected approximately 2000 signatures against the G-DOT widening design for Campbellton Road. (1997/1998)

  • Awarded to the Campbellton Road Coalition by Atlanta City, “The Together Atlanta Award”, as the organization most tenacious and influential in advocating for their community. (1999)

  • Received resolutions from the Atlanta City Council and Fulton County Board of Commissioners against the proposed DOT design for Campbellton Road. (1999)

  • Received even stronger resolutions a year later from the Atlanta City Council and Fulton Board of Commissioners against the proposed DOT design for Campbellton Road. (2000)

  • Awarded funding totaling $55,000 from Atlanta City ($15,000) and Fulton County ($40,000) to complete the Campbellton Road Smart Growth Corridor Study. The corridor study involved the public involvement of more than 600 community residents. (2000)

  • Created the Campbellton Road Corridor Study, a land use and transportation study. Study indicated community residents wanted: opportunities to walk, reduction in truck traffic on Campbellton Road, better educational facilities, shopping opportunities and public or private recreational opportunities. (2000)

  • After presenting the plan, G-DOT agreed to withdraw the road-widening project. (2000). `

  • Developed through the Campbellton Road Corridor Study a traffic-calming plan for Campbellton Road, State Route 166/154--1st Georgia Community to create a traffic-calming plan for a state highway. (2000)

  • Awarded a Livable Centers Initiative Grant for $60,000 to evaluate the Traffic Calming Alternative proposed in the Campbellton Road Corridor Study. (2003)**

  • Awarded by the Atlanta Regional Commission an additional $250,000.00 for implementation dollars by the Atlanta Regional Commission. (2003)**

Zoning and Architectural Standards:

  • Monitored and added value to more than 50 zonings affecting the Sandtown Community since 1992.
  • Advocated before the Fulton BOC the removal of 6 apartment zonings approved during the 1970’s, which averaged more than 1200 apartments for each zoning. Apartments were removed from all but 2 of the locations. (1998)
  • Faced with a vested 1970’s zoning for 1500 apartments, the community worked with a developer to create Sandtown Center, a mixed-use development of single family homes, town homes, apartments, business center and retail development. (2001-2003)
  • Initiated, designed and lobbied for placement of street toppers along all community streets to foster community identity. (2001)

Educational Advocacy:

  • Lobbied the Fulton County Board of Education to build the Sandtown Middle School. Update: Sandtown Middle opened September 2004. (2000-2003)

  • Lobbied along with the Westlake PTA and other South County educational groups for the following: a new South County High School, replacement facility for Westlake, smaller South County High Schools, and an additional South County Middle School. Fulton Board of Education is currently considering a “Superintendent Initiative” which will provide a replacement facility for Westlake, a new South County High School, and smaller South County high schools. (2000-20003) Update: The new Westlake HS replacement building will open in August of 2008.

Community Recreation Advocacy:

  • Lobbied the Metropolitan YMCA to consider the Sandtown area for the construction of a South Fulton County Recreational Facility. Metropolitan YMCA will undertake in 2004 a $35,000 feasibility study to assess the practicality of building the 16 million dollar center in the Sandtown Community.

**All funding awarded directly to the Fulton County Planning Department for projects in the Sandtown Community.


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