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2008 Sandtown Educational Foundation Grants

The Sandtown Foundation proudly announces the award recipients for the 2008-2009 school year.

 The World Comes To Atlanta is a program sponsored by Dr. Ajile Rahman of Westlake High School and is designed to expose students to the best Atlanta has to offer. Through field trips and interactive experiences at historical sites, student learning is expanded beyond the classroom. Trips will be taken to the High Museum of Art (Terracotta Warriors Exhibit of China), Carlos Museum (The Lost Civilization of Nubia), Boisfeuillet Jones Atlanta Civic Center (Jutankhamen And Great Pharaoh Exhibit of Egypt), Auburn Avenue Research Library, Martin Luther King Center and the Varsity.

 Because of this program’s success in 2007, Westlake High School was awarded a partial grant again this year of $1,000.

 Team Robotica is a project created to ensure students in South Fulton County the opportunity to compete for the first time in robotics competition. This grant will support the creation, training and implementation of a competitive robotics team from Randolph Elementary School. The team will be comprised of third grade students, ages 8-9 who will compete in the First Lego League Robotics Competition in 2008.

 The school was awarded a grant of $3,000.

 Teacher Differentiation. Linda Hicks is the sponsor of this program at Sandtown Middle School. This program will support a concept designed to assist teachers in diversifying instruction in the classroom with multiple levels of students. Teachers will be provided in depth training on the concept of Differentiation. After completion of the training, teachers will be equipped to provide a more rigorous instruction to students that will increase student achievement.

 A partial grant of $2,125 was awarded to Sandtown Middle School.

 French Week Concert – On November 18, 2008 a concert will be held at Westlake High School to culminate the celebration of National French Week. Eric Vincent, a prominent French music artist, will be the featured guest of the concert. The event will serve as a vehicle to build student vocabulary through immersion and also improve word communication in the language of French.

 Westlake High School was awarded a grant of $2,000.

 Student Court Training is sponsored by Debbie Powers at Westlake High School. This training will serve as a learning opportunity for student leaders in the area of peer mediation. Students who experience a conflict or are distracted by classroom feuding have trouble learning and often disrupt class. Through peer mediation, instances of violence can be avoided by having students voluntarily seek alternative ways to resolve conflicts or a dispute. The mediation is non-punitive and it has been shown that there is a reduction in disciplinary referrals and suspensions.

 Westlake High School was awarded $1,000.

 Debate Team – This project will help organize a team at Randolph Elementary School. The local team will compete against youth from across the state of Georgia and as part of the Urban Debate League. Students in grades 4 and 5 will participate in this program.

 Randolph Elementary School was awarded $500.

 Civil Rights Tour – This program is sponsored by Phyllis Turner at Westlake High School and is focused on tracing the steps of social activists from the Civil Rights Movement. The tour will recount the experiences of the original Freedom Riders of the 50’s and visit cities in Alabama (sites in Birmingham, Selma, Marion, Whitehall, Montgomery, and Tuskegee). Students are expected to heighten their awareness of their culture and heritage within their families, communities and society. The tour is scheduled for March, 2009.

 Westlake High School was awarded $2,000.

The Sandtown Foundation was specifically created to enhance the learning experience of our local schools. We are so proud of the work their hard work and we commend them and celebrate their efforts. All of the schools who submitted proposals are to be congratulated and celebrated.  If anyone in the community is interested in offering additional support, please contact the foundation.




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